My name is Jordi :D (IGN:Blaster1115)

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My name is Jordi :D (IGN:Blaster1115)

Post  Blaster1115 on July 31st 2013, 17:04

Ello guy/girl who is reading, my name is Jordi (IRL) and I m 15 years old. My IGN is Blaster1115 (got that name cuze Blaster was unavailable.

I m from Holland/Netherlands, exept for the weather, it's a great country Smile

How did you get the Server IP Adress?: A friend of mine gave me the sever adress of the cracked server, but the server didnt go that well so Mike came online and said if I wanted to tell my friends that he is going to stop the server. Than I keopt asking ( Razz ) why he was stopping and he told me that he was restarting because his old community left. Then I asked if I could help him, and so I joined the main.

I hope to get a moderator/builder in the server. I hope to get far in survival (without grief and PvP) because I love to survival.

I hope (lol) that you liked it, and see ya guys next time.
From your (Future xD) survivaler, Jordi


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Re: My name is Jordi :D (IGN:Blaster1115)

Post  MikedeKokkie on July 31st 2013, 17:32

Kind of strange to say this now, but...


Fear not, as I am your God!

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