How to make a Ban Appeal

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How to make a Ban Appeal

Post  MikedeKokkie on September 18th 2012, 11:29

To those who need Justice,
Read this in case you have been unjustly banned.

So, you are sure the Staff member that has banned you is Wrong.
In that case, why not Appeal it? It will give you a great chance to get unbanned by proving the Admin wrong. It's all a game.

The Staff member probably made a Ban Report of you.
If that's not the case then report that IMMEDIATELY, because the staff has to make a report at every ban, jail... etcetera.
If there is not ban report made of you, then Bonus Points for you.
If you found your Ban Report, copy the info and prepare to fight it.

vvv Empty Ban Appeal vvv


Ban Appeal

In-Game name:
Banned by:
Time of Ban:

(You can copy this information from the Ban Report)

Explanation of Evidence and proof, and Reason of unjustice:

(Post all your Objections to the Evidence here and explain why you should not be banned. If there is no Evidence, bonus points for you.)


If you Appeal makes sense, we will Unban you and talk with the Staff Member who banned you. If it doesn't, then we're sorry...

Remember to make a new Topic with your name as title instead of posting it as a Reply to this one, or else it will be rejected immediately!

Good luck, your Host and Friend,


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