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FerbelGamings Application for T-Admin Empty FerbelGamings Application for T-Admin

Post  Ferenz123 on March 18th 2015, 22:31

In-Game name: FerbelGaming
Real Name: Ferenz Van Dyck
Age: 14
Country: Belgium
Rank to be applied for: Trial Admin

How long have you played Minecraft?
Since 19 September 2012

How and where did you first know of Mike's Realms?
LennertVV2 showed me the server half an hour after i bought minecraft.

How long have you played on Mike's Realms?
Over 3 Years now

What have you achieved in the Survival Realms so far?
House out of Wood Logs, Diamond Tools, Full diamond Armor, some leftover diamonds, an Automatic chicken farm that harvests eggs, kills chickens , sorts chicken and feathers, eggs get automaticly thrown in cage again so the process repeats.

How many great things have you made in Creative?
None, Except for a redstone lamp loop thing.

How many Admins and Mods Approve of your promotion?
I really have no idea.

Please explain as much as you can about the server and how everything works.
Volantis is the main Spawn.
In volantis you have 3 balloons (4 but the black one is where you spawn after you done the tutorial dungeon) The Yellow balloon is for Creative. In Creative you have 3 realms: Creative, Pixelart and Skins. In the Creative realm you can build in Creative mode but only if you have member rank. In Pixelart you can build Pixelarts. In skins you can make a 3d Model of your skin.
The Green Balloon is for Survival. In Survival you have 3 realms: Survival , Pvp/factions and Ender. In the Survival Realm There is no pvp and you can't lose your items when you die.
In the pvp/faction realm, You can make your own faction, You can't do /spawn , Pvp is enabled and you lose your items when you die (experienced that the hard way myself)
In the Ender realm you just go to the end. The enderdragon respawns every Saturday.
The Blue Balloon is for Dungeons. In Dungeons you have 3 Realms, Dungeons , Events and RPG. Dungeons has some awesome puzzles, like the tutorial one and The Bitterness of trust. you can also do a parkour dungeon . (pssst, Try to do Stage 7 in the parkour dungeon without letting go of sprint), In Events you can find the events that were made in the 1.8.1 pre 3 Snapshot Server . + a new one.

Why do you want to apply for this staff rank?
What i would like to do as an Admin, is clean up Creative / Pixelart / Skins.
With the /lwand command i can look if a build has been inactive for over a month , and delete it if necessary. I Could Delete Builds that are Sexual or Racist in any way. Delete Lag Machines / Sound Spam creations.
This is basicly why i would want to be Admin. To Clean up The Creative Realm.

Reasons why you should be accepted: Players will have less difficulties in the Creative Realm,
Younger players (Hopefully) won't find any Sexual builds.

How many hours per week would you be able to dedicate towards moderation?
I am 18-25 Hours online on a schoolweek and 25+ ? on a non-school week.
Could be more, could be less

What skills do you possess that make you stand out?
I am Very Active on the server.
I am weird and like to help people.
I am serious when need to be serious.
I am never serious when not need to be serious.
I am Fat

Do you swear to help the members of Mike's Realms to your fullest?
I Swear to help members of Mike's Realms  in the best way possible and make them feel comfortable.

Do you swear to be polite in chat and respectful to other members at all times?
I Swear to be polite in chat and show respect to other members at all times.

Do you swear to be fair in your moderation?
I Swear to always be fair in my moderation.

Do you swear not to take abuse of the powers that will be given to you as a public servant of the realms? I swear not to spawn over 230.000 signs in Creative again and won't abuse WorldEdit and/or Other commands.

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