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Example Application Empty Example Application

Post  MikedeKokkie December 5th 2012, 21:30


In-Game name:            MikedeKokkie
Real Name:                  Mike de Kok
Age:                            16
Country:                      The Netherlands
Rank to be applied for:  T-Mod (Trial Moderator)

How long have you played Minecraft?
I have played Minecraft for 2 years now. The MC version was Beta 1.3.

How and where did you first know of Mike's Realms?
My friend Jmorit told me about the Server and gave me the IP Adress. He's a Co. Owner here.

How long have you played on Mike's Realms?
I have played on Mike's Realms for 1,5 year.

What have you achieved in the Survival Realms so far?
I built a big house with underground farms, got full diamond armor and toolset, play pvp with Jmorit, and beat every dungeon there is so far in the dungeon realm.

How many great things have you made in Creative?
I made 3 pony pixel art pieces which took me each 3 hours, compact redstone devices and a 24-hour clock.

How many Admins and Mods Approve of your promotion?
Jmorit approves. He will comment with his approval.

Please explain as much as you can about the server and how everything works.

Server/Portal Hub
This world is where all the world portals meet. All eight worlds lead to eight amazing worlds where players and staff members can go to accomplish different tasks or go to have a good time!

The Survival Realms
The green portal leads to the survival realm, where it's just normal survivaling with friends or on your own.
The red portal leads to the pvp realm, where you can kill, steal and grief all you want.
Monsters are on, so be sure to get a shelter or house before nightfall. The Survival Shop is located at the survival realm spawn where you can buy and sell things. Rules for the Survival realm (and the rest of the server besides the pvp realm):
1: No Griefing. This can result in perm or temp bans, depending on how bad you griefed. Destroying blocks is allowed, but you MUST replace the block you destroyed for it not to be considered an actual grief.
2: Stealing IS ALLOWED. If you leave your chests unlocked (You can lock your chests with signs) any player that finds your chest is allowed to take anything they want from the chest.

The Creative Realms
Players get gamemode 1 here, and can build freely (in the creative realm) or on strips (in the pixel art realm).
You have to ask admins for protection against griefers. Most griefers go here the first time they join.

The Rules Realm
This is where you first spawn. There are rules here, a court, a server logo, and a jail.
It also has all the info you will ever need when you play on the server.

The Dungeon Realm:
The dungeon world is an amazing world where players can go and join forces and fight off mobs to reach the end of the dungeon. Each dungeon has chests scattered around with loot inside them. The harder the dungeon is the better the loot. After you complete these dungeons you get to keep the loot and also there is a cash prize. The harder the dungeon the more coins you get when you complete it!

Donators are what keeps the server going. Donators are players that donate money to the server. If there were no donators the server would not be able to run. Each player that donates money earns a donor rank. When you donate, you get special permissions, a special name and you keep the server alive.

Why do you want to apply for moderator status?
Because i would like to experience Minecraft in a different way, and i feel that i could help the community as being a moderator.

Reasons why you should be accepted:
I feel (and want) to be accepted because i wil put players and staff before anything else. I feel that i can help the community out with any problems or questions that they have. I have been playing here for a while now and i am very comfortable with the server and community.

How many hours per week would you be able to dedicate towards moderation?
I will put as many hours that i can between school homework and my sports. So hopefully at least 15-20 hours a week.

What skills do you posses that make you stand out as a mod applicant?
I feel that i am good with helping players, and staff. Even now when someone has a question in the help chat that that i try to answer it to the best of my ability. I have been good to the community for the time that i have been playing.

Do you swear to help the members of the Server to your fullest?
Yes i 110% completely swear to help the members and staff on Mike's Relams.

Do you swear to be polite in chat and respectful to other members at all times?
Yes i swear to be polite and respectful in the chats and other members at all times.

Do you swear to be fair in your moderation?
Yes i swear not be fair and not abuse the powers that i have as a moderator.

Do you swear not to take abuse of the powers that will be invested upon you as a public servant of the realms?
Yes i swear not to abuse the powers as a moderator, because that will be unfair to other players and the community and staff.


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