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Rank Application for Member by Ferocanus Empty Rank Application for Member by Ferocanus

Post  Ferocanus on March 28th 2013, 20:35

Note: this much work isn't required for Member Ranks, I just wanted to do it officially

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hereby wish to apply for the rank of Member
I present you, my application:

In-Game name: Ferocanus
Real Name: Wouter
Age: 16
Country: The Netherlands
Rank to be applied for: Member

How long have you played Minecraft?
Approximately 1,5 years

How and where did you first know of Mike's Realms?
Recommendation from Founder MikeDeKokkie

How long have you played on Mike's Realms?
about 3 weeks

What have you achieved in the Survival Realms so far?
not a single thing

How many great things have you made in Creative?
Busy with one, but I need Member Rank to complete it

How many Admins and Mods Approve of your promotion?
Probably Founder MikeDeKokkie

Please explain as much as you can about the server and how everything works.
The server, which is hosted externally and has 4 GB of RAM (Random Acces Memory) available, Is a central saved game for players to connect to and in which alterations are immediately available to others.
The rules are to be read and followed, otherwise resulting in a ban.
In the server you have acces to several reals, hence Mike's Realms, most notably Creative, Survival and Hardcore PvP
The server also has an external Map, on which the chat is also available.
Besides that, there is also the subdomain for admins (admins.mikesrealms.com) on which there is a hardcore survival game for die-hards.

Answer these questions in case you apply for a Staff Rank.

Why do you want to apply for this staff rank?

Reasons why you should be accepted:

How many hours per week would you be able to dedicate towards moderation?

What skills do you posses that make you stand out?

Do you swear to help the members of Mike's Realms to your fullest?

Do you swear to be polite in chat and respectful to other members at all times?

Do you swear to be fair in your moderation?

Do you swear not to take abuse of the powers that will be invested upon you as a public servant of the realms?

I hope the admins will decide fairly on my case.

Yours faithfully,


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Rank Application for Member by Ferocanus Empty Re: Rank Application for Member by Ferocanus

Post  MikedeKokkie on March 28th 2013, 20:46

The motivation is strong with this one (heh).

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Fear not, as I am your God!

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